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Factory Tour
Mold Department
E.D.M. Sinker
CNC Lathe Work

Sigma has diversified to serve a variety of industries with its machine shop, and design and manufacturing of dies and molds. Numerous up-to-date manufacturing equipments and state-of-the-art computer softwares are evidence of the company's commitment to technological progress.


Plastic Department
Plastic Injection Machines

Sigma plastic plant is opened to further meet the need of customers. Twenty plastic injection machines ranging from 70 to 500 metric tons enable the company to test finished mold and produce plastic injection products.


R&D Department
R&D Staff

Sigma R&D department is not only working for the development of our products, but also helping our clients to coordinate the technical issues of their orders.


IQC Department
IQC Staff

Sigma IQC department ensures the incoming parts from the suppliers meeting the quality criteria of our clients in the beginning of the processing.


Production Department  
Sigma has various production lines to fit for different assembling purposes.
Assemble Line for Electric Parts
Thermal Electric Cooling Tank Insulation
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Factory Tour
Cup Dispenser
Water Pump
Ceramic Dispenser And Wooden Stand
Cup Collector
Aqua Valve And Metal Cradle
Bottle Rack
Bottle Handle
Non Spill Cap
Plastic Bottle
R. O. System
Bottling Machine
Bottled Water Cooler
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