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Bottled Water Cooler
SWD-5 Water Dispenser
Description :

◇ Cabinet: Top and front panels are molded of ABS and side panels are of electric zinc coated steel sheets with high polymer polyester resin
◇ Hot Tank: All 304 stainless steel construction, 500 watts sheathed heater installed in tank
◇ Cooling System: Thermal electric cooling system is non-pollutant and uses less electricity than compressor models
◇ Drip Receptacle: Easily removable for emptying, highly impact plastic construction
◇ Color: White available as standard
◇ Faucets: Durable, self-closing type, easy to operate
◇ Pilot Lamps: Unique design and device, easily detectable of electric functions for cold and hot water

Model SWD-5A SWD-5B SWD-5C
Name Hot/Cook Water Cooler Hot/Cold Water Cooler Cold/Cook Water Cooler
Cooling System Rate No 65W(Thermal Electric) 65W(Thermal Electric)
Heating System Rate 500W 500W No
Heating Tank Volume 1.7Liter 1.7Liter No
Cooling Tank Volume No 1.7Liter Liter
Hot Water Temperature 85℃-95℃ 85℃-95℃ No
Cold Water Temperature No 5℃-12℃ 5℃-12℃
Carton Dimensions 420*315*345mm 420*315*345mm 420*315*345mm
20'Container Volume 450Units 450Units 450Units
40'Container Volume 960Units 960Units 960Units

Warranty: One year

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Bottled Water Cooler
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