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Cup Dispenser
SCD-3 Cup Dispenser
Description :
Cup Dispenser
Colors available: white, or black (other colors on custom order)
Self adjusting - to most water cups (3,4,41/2,5,6,7,& 8 oz. flat paper & plastic cups and 4 & 41/2oz. rimmed & rimless cone cups)
Height of dispenser is 171/4" (taller than other cup dispensers)
Sigma is available with optional brackets, ie flat, scalloped, round, magnetic and inclined ones.
Each unit has individual cardboard package.
Brackets & screws are packed in separate package.
Sigma use PC tube. PC is more transparent and sanitary, not easy to cause scratch like PVC.
Use metal prongs which can not be broken.
Use unique patented design of prong which do not need rivet and screw to assemble.
Flip cap has the stopper to prevent the cap hitting tube.
Unique design of Sigma cap has more streamline curve, more suitable for newly designed coolers or other electric appliances.
Sigma hinge for cap and cap holder is patented and unique, simple, easy to assemble and dismantle.
You can dismantle every cup dispenser into pieces for cleaning or maintenance within 30seconds without any tool.
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